YEBO! Training Session 2 - Towards institutional structures supporting the PhD life cycle

The second YEBO training session took place from 25-29 March 2019 and was hosted by the University of Pretoria, South Africa. This series of workshops was entitled “Towards institutional structures that support the complete PhD life cycle”, which was identified as one of the common challenges faced by YEBO South African partners. The content of the training session is available here below.

Internationalization in support of graduate students, lessons learnt at Stellenbosch University, by Robert Kotze (Stellenbosch University)

Doctoral education in Europe today: approaches and institutional structures, by Alexander Hasgall (EUA)

Internationalizing Higher Education Institutions: the role of the PhD Research. A South African view, by Dr Nico Jooste (African Centre for Higher Education Internationalization)

Internationalization: progress and implementation plan, by YEBO South African partners

Overview of the Joint-Doctorate offered at F’SATI, by Anish Kurien (Tshwane University of Technology)

SWOT analysis of the structures/services supporting international mobility and collaboration on PhD level, by YEBO partners

Support for international mobility and collaboration, by Jean-Marie Pincemin (Coimbra Group)

The National Research Foundation Global Knowledge Partnerships, by Dr Aldo Stroebel (NRF)