SASUF Goes Virtual 2020

On November 24-25, YEBO participated in the South Africa and Sweden University Forum (SASUF) hosted online by Uppsala University, one of the members of YEBO’s consortium.

During this event, YEBO delivered 2 high quality workshops gathering a grand total of 120 participants combined:

  • « Ethics of research in the digital age and COVID-19 era », where panellists discussed the main challenges of the « Global Scholar » in terms of ethics, the rules of the research competitiveness « game », the requirements to work ethically, the new direction implied by COVID-19, ethics of interaction and engagement with digital platform, and so on. The panellists also highlighted good practices they implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to ethics.

  • « Supervision of PhD students in the digital age and COVID-19 era: what’s changed? », where panellists discussed the new ways of supervising recently developed (co-tutelle, dual/joint degrees, …) and how they were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibilities of the supervisor in such a specific context, the need for evaluation of the supervision, the long-distance relationship between the PhD candidate and the supervisor, the different facets of the supervising job, the different kind of supervisors and how they evolved with COVID, and more.

Both workshops were delivered by 3 panellists and a moderator from YEBO’s partner institutions. The complementarity between the panellists, all of them being at different stages of their career and with different backgrounds and career paths, allowed really lively discussions and a lot of informative exchanges on related topics.

Workshop 1: Supervision of PhD students in the digital age and COVID-19 era

Supervision of PhD students in the GLOBAL digital age: what’s changed?, by Prof Mario Smith (UWC)

Becoming a supervisor: journey towards humanising the process, by Dr Nompilo Tshuma (SU)

Internationalization and COVID-19 impact on PhD Supervision, the F’SATI model, by Karim Djouani (TUT)


Workshop 2: Ethics of research

Impact of digitalization on ethics of research, by Michael Twum-Darko (CPUT)

Ethics of research and its evolution over time: what lessons can we learn, by Laetus Lategan (CUT)

A practical example of ethical issues and protocols in digital video research, by Paulius Yamin (Vilnius Tech)