YEBO Updates for 2020-2021

11/16/2021 11:38:58 AM

During the last 6 months, YEBO has been working hard behind the scenes to adapt its activities to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several events got canceled or postponed, but the YEBO! Team managed to find alternatives in order to bring you content at home.

The main highlight: initially supposed to conclude in October 2020, YEBO activity will keep going until May 14th, 2021. And we have a lot of exciting stuff to come. Here is what’s new for YEBO!

1. YEBO! Conference 2: « Fostering the internationalization of PhD studies Empowering Future Female Leaders in International Academia », initially planned during the SASUF event hosted by Uppsala University, Sweden, on May 4-6, 2020, will be replaced by another activity as SASUF is being postponed.

Indeed, SASUF is now going digital, and will be hosted online on November 23-26, 2020. During this event, and in order to adapt to this new format, YEBO! Conference 2 will be replaced by 2 workshops: A) Supervision of PhD students in the digital age and COVID-19 era: what’s changed? and B) Ethics of research in the digital age and COVID-19 era. You don’t want to miss that.

2. YEBO! was supposed to participate in the Annual Conference of the COIMBRA Group hosted in Montpellier, France, June 10-12 2020. This event is canceled.

3. YEBO! Conference 3, the final conference of the project, was scheduled on september 28-29th 2020 in Pretoria, South Africa. This event is postoponed and will now take place on April 12-15th 2021, along with the final consortium meeting of the project. As for now, the plan is still to have a physical event hosted by Pretoria University, depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. In any case, the event will also be online, at least in a blended format. More information to come really soon, stay tuned!

On behalf of the YEBO Team!, thank you for your support and contribution to YEBO’s success. We cannot wait to see you during our really exciting activities scheduled for late 2020 – early 2021.