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Uppsala University – Quality, knowledge and creativity since 1477

World-class research and first-rate education of global benefit to society, business and culture.

Uppsala University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world. The University is characterised by diversity and quality, with international frontline research across nine faculties and education at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels. Uppsala University’s research helps us understand our society, makes the world a better place and improves lives. It offers new perspectives on fundamental scientific questions and contributes to a sustainable environment, human health and the advancement of society.

Uppsala University is well placed to tackle the challenges faced by society today and tomorrow. The breadth of our research gives strength and opportunities. Uppsala University is a key collaborative partner for business and society and strives to facilitate the interplay between entrepreneurship and research and forge links between students and business.

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Admission at PhD level is handled by the respective departments and faculties

PhD students are employed by the university and all open positions are published on the University’s website

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Research Topics and Strategies

In Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020 (PDF) we formulate strategies that create good conditions for quality and renewal in the long term. The strategies are part of the University’s input to the Government’s 2016 research bill. The document follows up and deepens the objectives and main lines of research strategy expressed in Uppsala University: Mission and Core Values.

The strategies describe existing strong research areas in which we have conducted major initiatives in recent years. We also identify new challenge-led research undertakings where our broad expertise can contribute to new knowledge. Uppsala University has the will and the determination to drive progress for the benefit of individuals and society.

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PhD Studies

At Uppsala University, research is being conducted which helps us better understand our society, making the world better and life simpler for many people – research that provides new perspectives on fundamental scientific issues and contributes to sustainability, human health and the development of society.

PhD students make significant contributions to the University’s research. The education offered in our PhD programmes gives students the competence and skills to conduct research independently, enables a deep understanding of the subject area, fosters proficiency in disseminating knowledge and enables the learning of others.

Uppsala University’s PhD programmes are comprised of courses and a dissertation in which students carry out a unique and significant individual research project. A PhD degree is equivalent to four years of full-time study; however, after two years of studies students can graduate with a licentiate degree.

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