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Institutional doctoral studies overview

Created in 2015 through the merger of University Montpellier 1 and University Montpellier 2, the University of Montpellier (UM) draws from the excellence and synergy of these two institutions. It is reminiscent of the multi-disciplinary approach taken by the first university established in Montpellier in 1289 as a secular and international university.
Today, the University of Montpellier brings together an extensive community of knowledge, from science, technology, medicine and environmental sciences, to educational sciences, economics, management, law and political science. It is involved in a strategic global initiative aiming at making Montpellier one of the European capitals for Health and Agro-environment
Doctoral Schools are responsible for PhD training. UM welcomes about 1,800 PhD students in its 9 Doctoral Schools. 50% of these young researchers come from abroad, which underlines UM attractiveness and international reputation.
List of Doctoral Schools:
International joint doctorate degrees


 Research development programmes

University of Montpellier is a multidisciplinary university that federates 16 schools which are organized into two main complementary domains: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH and LAW, ECONOMICS, MANAGEMENT. It provides students with an opportunity to train in multiple areas in order to meet the needs of tomorrow’s demanding careers, by combining disciplines such as robotics/engineering and health, economics and the environment, or law and information technologies. UM’s strategy revolves around inter-disciplinary and multi-skill training programs.


PhD Funding and opportunities

You are a future PhD student and you wish to:
  • Gain international experience,
  • Carry out your research work in two partner laboratories,
  • Benefit from the guidance of two thesis co-supervisors, one at the University of Montpellier and the other from a foreign institution.
On the basis of a single thesis and a single defense, you could get the dual PhD degree from the University of Montpellier and the partner university by registering for a joint doctorate from your first year of thesis.
The research work is divided into alternative periods in each of the two institutions.
You must be enrolled in both institutions but will be exempt from registration fees in one of the two institutions (registration fees must be paid at the University of Montpellier at least once within the 3 years of studies).
The Cooperation Unit of the International Relations Department is in charge of drafting, approving and monitoring the joint doctorate agreement.
The future PhD student must also contact the relevant Doctoral School depending on her/his thesis director at the University of Montpellier in order to prepare the doctoral registration file.



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Institutional research focus areas

Acknowledged in worldwide university rankings (Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS ranking), University of Montpellier is internationally recognized for its expertise in many scientific fields such as health-biology, agro-environmental science, chemistry, information and communication technologies and science. Montpellier is the first site in France for agro-environment-biodiversity, and the research leader on new agricultural models and environmental management. The Montpellier site is also a reference in the field of research on emerging infectious diseases and transmission vectors.
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