About YEBO!

YEBO! is a three-year (2017-2020) capacity building project on the internationalisation of doctoral studies in South Africa. It is funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission.

Internationalisation of doctoral studies - Why?

Doctoral studies are considered one of the driving forces fostering economic growth and the development of society. Their internationalisation has been highlighted as a key component to facilitate the development of research excellence and the quality of doctoral education.  However, internationalisation can be seen as unreachable for many universities in South Africa due to the lack of structural resources and human capacity.

How does YEBO! contribute to the internationalisation of doctoral studies in South Africa?

The YEBO! project aims to foster the internationalisation of doctoral studies in South Africa by raising awareness among students, academic and administrative staff members at higher education institutions of funding opportunities and by providing professional training and tools, sharing of good practices and networking. It will do so through a number of activities and initiatives, more specifically:

  • The creation of a PhD Portal available to university staff and students where one can find information on funding opportunities for doctoral research, events and useful material from the project’s training activities and conferences
  • Training courses geared towards the professional development of PhD Candidates and academic and administrative staff dealing with doctoral studies
  • Organisation of information sessions at major international conferences on the internationalisation of doctoral studies

About YEBO!